Three Year Olds

Our three-year-olds are usually divided into three groups - younger, intermediate and older. All groups follow the same curriculum. At this age they become pretty independent and can dress themselves to go outdoors. They begin to use scissors and learn to recognize colors and shapes. They love to do puzzles, play with manipulatives, and take care of their classroom pet.

They are introduced to cooking where they measure, count, observe and discuss scientific changes, and taste various foods. They love to listen to stories and repeat what the story was all about. They love to color, to paste, and to create. They celebrate the holidays and birthdays. They learn to line up to go outdoors and can follow directions. They play with blocks, and in the family living center and love being the "mommy, daddy or baby." They are now sharing with their friends and speaking in whole sentences. They love music and learn many songs and fingerplays. They are now beginning to be able to sit and play simple games. This is a time of awakening and discovering in preparation for Pre-Kindergarten.