Toddler Program

The toddlers are usually divided into three groups. This class begins at 18 months of age and has a teacher and two assistants with a maximum of 12 children. Children may attend full or part time (check the enclosed registration form for the toddler rates). Again the health and safety of our children are our main concern.

This is a very lively age group. They love to climb on the jungle gym (in their room) paint at the easel, play house, and dress up. They love the water table, playing with musical instruments, dancing to the music, and listening to stories, learning fingerplays, and they begin at this age to follow directions. Going outdoors (weather permitting) is the best! They dig in the sand box, go on special toddler swings, climb up and down the slide, and begin to develop friendships.

They learn to wash up, drink out of a cup, wait for lunch to be served, feed themselves and most begin to be potty trained. They are a delightful group and we love watching them develop.